We’re redefining the future of company events

Our why

Hybrid work is here to stay, so it's important to find new ways to keep employees engaged in person. That’s why we created Booka.

We are changing the way that companies plan and deliver events. Booka removes friction and gives insight into what employees want, what’s working and the types of events that will deliver every time.

We've all learned the value of inclusion, human connection, and shared in person experiences. Planning intentional events through Booka fosters all of the above and can promote your brand and enhance your employee experiences like never before.

Our promise

To change the way that companies plan and deliver employee events, creating an immersive culture that drives unparalleled engagement & experience

Our values

Disrupt thoughtfully

We’re ambitious and know that we can make life easier for event planners in all companies. However, our platform is designed to enhance, not replace the hard work that others in the events industry do.

Foster inclusivity

We support and champion diversity in all events. We believe that inclusivity grows when people are empowered to share unique experiences with vendors and colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Support growth

We champion businesses of all sizes. From the companies, vendors and events planning agencies we work with, we celebrate every self-starters’ journey.

Remain impartial

We provide an open and transparent space for all passionate artisans and vendors to create unforgettable experiences through their excellence and expertise.

Exist responsibly

We’re driving sustainability measures and partnerships to reduce and recycle food waste for all company events.

Our founder

Hi, I’m Donnchadh Healy, the founder of Booka

I’ve spent the majority of my career in the tech industry and experienced first-hand the many pain points of organising company events. I knew a better way existed and made it my mission to build a technology solution that simplifies the process while enriching the experience for event planners, vendors and attendees.

Booka was born and has evolved into an innovative desktop and mobile solution for companies of all sizes from startups through to multinationals.

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